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Detailed interpretation of the headset set

source:Industry News   release time:2019-02-20 16:36:51

Headphone sponge cover:

The earphone sponge cover is placed on both sides of the earphone. It is different from the sponge cover of the earplug, which covers the entire ear, which is convenient for people to go online or listen to music with a speaker. It has a great effect on people, one is anti-slip; the other is to prevent leakage and enhance the effect of bass; the third is to prevent resonance between the earplug shell and the ear bone when the volume is too large.

1. The role of sponge holster:

a, non-slip, no ear cotton earphones easily fall from the ear, not worn.

b. Prevent leakage and fully enjoy the sound from the headphones.

c. Prevent resonance between the earplug shell and the ear bone, and relieve the ear mouth discomfort caused by wearing the earphone for a long time.

2, do not look at it is not conspicuous, but the role can not be ignored. The lack of bass in some headphones is one of its shortcomings. If you don't need ear cotton, you feel that the high pitch is high, the bass is a bit virtual, and there is a phenomenon of leakage. After adding the ear cotton, the bass becomes very real, and the phenomenon of leakage is gone. The high school and low frequency appear more balanced. So if you don't feel good about the bass of the headphones, don't forget to put ear cotton on your earbuds when listening to music. It can add balance to your love machine and give you better bass performance. .

3. There are small sound holes on the earplugs. When you put the earplugs in your ears or put them outside, it is very likely that dust will enter the earplugs through these small holes. The earplugs are thin and only a few. Micron, a little dust will change the vibration of the diaphragm, which will affect the sound quality and even cause damage to the earplugs. The earplug cotton can block these foreign objects from entering the earplugs and protect the earplugs.

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