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Hongrui packaging, because of the meticulous
拥大规模生产厂房基地,价格实惠 拥大规模生产厂房基地,价格实惠
A large-scale production plant base, affordable

100% factory direct sales, no middlemen make the difference, the price is more affordable

提供方案,为定制客户免费打样 提供方案,为定制客户免费打样
Free proofing for custom customers

Through the product positioning and precise customization scheme, the brand packaging design is carried out according to the product.

标准化流程施工 标准化流程施工
Standardized assembly line to ensure product quality

Selected green environmental protection materials, hand-made and passed the inspection to customers for inspection

专业完善的售后服务团队 专业完善的售后服务团队
Professional and perfect after-sales service team

Perfect service to respond quickly to your after-sales needs, solve your worries


荣誉资质 Company strength and certification, your choice of trust

Hongrui & Overview


Dongguan Hongrui Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company mainly focuses on electronic products, mainly including voltage earmuffs, sewn earmuffs, handmade earmuffs, headwear, earphone bag, earphone bag, EVA inside, and sponge. Support, EPE and other series of products. Especially in the headset packaging industry, has a wealth of development experience and production advantages. Customers have Lei snake, Meilu, Haoen, Yi Lisheng, Detai and other headset industry leaders . The company follows the "quality service, sincere cooperation, preferential prices, good products" purpose, welcome friends from all walks of life to guide the order.

Sample tailoring

Sample tailoring

According to your creativity,
deepen the design of the packaging box, confirm the shape, materials, etc., and enter the production.

Production equipment

Using high-quality production equipment
to fully improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and provide customers with quality products

Quality monitoring

With independent professional quality
control department, the quality is strictly controlled to ensure that the products are all fine products.

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