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Dongguan Hongrui Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, the stamping department produces a variety of hot-formed EVA, PE box cover, back pad, school bag back pad, CD case, pencil case, umbrella cover, sole, electronic game box, protective gear, car seat cushion , general thermoforming moldings, etc. All kinds of handbag fabrics, diving materials, shoe materials and processing. The department has 60 employees, 2 laminating machines, 38 hot press forming machines, 8 punching machines, 18 ovens, and 2 self-contained milling machines in the mold room.

The sewing department was founded in 2006, mainly producing all kinds of sewing products such as earphone boxes, earphone bags, electronic game bags, computer bags, computer bags, school bags, handbags and so on. The department has 110 employees, including 1 cutting machine, 100 flat cars, 40 high cars and 10 computer cars.

EVA, EPE, and sponge packaging department were established in 2009 to produce various EVA and EPE products. Widely used in ear protection, computer and computer peripherals, home appliances, precision instruments, communication hub equipment, medical machinery and other protective pads. The department has 50 employees, 5 cutting machines, 4 punching machines and 5 laminating machines.

Earmuffs headwear department was established in 2016, mainly producing all kinds of earphones, earmuffs, VR eye masks, mainly used for earphones and VR finished products. The department currently has 180 people, 20 voltage machines, 80 sets of ear sewing machines, 2 punching machines, 1 cutting machine and 2 laser cutting machines.

All of our production equipments are complete, the quality of our products is reliable, the delivery is on time, and the price is fair. We develop and design beautiful and innovative products for our customers to adapt to the ever-changing changes in the market.

The company follows the "quality service, sincere cooperation" purpose, welcome friends from all walks of life to guide the orde

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